MPLS-VPN in a private fully-managed WAN for securely connected workspaces

Get complete visibility and control of the performance of your business traffic across the network, on multiple traffic classes to carry your different types of data (voice, multimedia, apps, etc). Connecti-Nets is the premium service for consolidating multi-site internet access or embarking on full convergence of your ICT environment under our MPLS Next Generation Network that delivers your business critical traffic securely and reliably. Choose among point-to-multipoint and mesh deployments, taking advantage of routing design flexibility per site.

  • Operational Efficiencies

Connecti-Nets is your single network for all IT & Communication requirements that reduces infrastructure and operational overheads as our trained, qualified engineers look after your MPLS VPN 24 hours a day. Our MPLS-VPN is ideal for providing connectivity to the latest integrated business communication applications for each of the sites in your organization.

  • Network Consultancy

We have years of experience in providing MPLS VPN solutions to all business sizes. Our team of experts will perform a Network Audit and then advise on the most appropriate VPN implementation options, Quality of Service (QoS) mappings and capacity dimensioning.

  • Project Managed migration & co-existence

Each deployed MPLS VPN solution benefits from a dedicated project team which will work with you during the period of network co-existence & ensure a phased migration away from the old topology infrastructure to Connecti-Nets.