Desktop as a service (Daas) is the way to transform your business entirely!

DaaS is a cost-efficient, pay-per-user approach that provides virtual desktops and reduces the day-to-day IT responsibilities for the end-users. 

Connecti-Desk, the DaaS solution by Connecticore, simplifies operations, improves security, supports virtually every new device and reduces dramatically the costs of IT, in a company.

There is an increasingly mobile workforce working on an increasingly wide range of devices, and IT organizations are desperate to mitigate the affects of that complexity, yet still provide access to systems people need when they need it. With Connecti-Desk users can access their desktop from everywhere.

Connecti-Desk in short delivers virtualized desktops from the cloud. It is the excellent IT choice for SMBs and organizations to provide their end users with the advantages of a virtual desktop infrastructure, but without the cost-prohibitive in-house deployment.

With Connecti-Desk, users require only an Internet connection to access their desktops and related apps. Internet connections have gotten faster and the technological protocols have been optimized to work over even less-capable connections. Connecti-Desk provides:

  • A secure way to acces your applications using unique credentials
  • Two factor authentication
  • Data encryption
  • Access from any connected device